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Persollo Webinar 4: Influencer Purpose: The Moral of the Story

We had an exceptionally active conversation during our "Influencer Purpose: The Moral of the Story" webinar last week. We had famous YouTubers, TV presenters, Founders, Stylists, Authors, Influencers, winning gaming influencer agencies. And we've looked at what matters to us and who matters to them and how we can create something together that's better.

Watch the webinar below:

Our fabulous experts:

Maria Cadbury, Managing Director - Persollo UK

Scott Guthrie, Independent Influencer Marketing Consultant

Twinks Burnett, Fashion stylist, Сreative Director Educator, Headwear creator

Joel Morris, Founder of Xcademy & YouTuber

Amy Kean, Brand and innovation director, partner at &us

Cherry Healey, Presenter & documentary maker, influencer

Julia Smith, Founder The Digital Voice

Rich Keith, СEO - Fourth Floor

Also, you can watch stream recordings from our previous webinars, at a time that suits you:

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Let us know your takeout and what you thought of the our webinars

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