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STUDY: Since lockdown, influencers’ engagement rates have sharply increased!

Have you noticed a change in your engagement levels during Coronavirus pandemic?

We wanted to know how the COVID-19 lockdown is affecting influencers Engagement Rate. So, we polled 100 influencer Instagram accounts (across different categories, such as beauty, travel, health & fitness, lifestyle, food) using Persollo AI-powered Analytics.

Here is what we found:

Influencers’ engagement rates have sharply increased.

Out of the 100 respondents (influencers), more than a half (72%) have noticed that their engagement has sharply increased since lockdown. The study results showed special support, care and love of influencers' audience; The reason for this is that their audience have more time to spend on social media and scrolling their feeds. Also their Instagram audience is using this enforced home time to discover fresh, new creators who resonate with them. At this point, marketers and brand owners should not discard the opportunity to partner with an influencer.

This study results are important for brands and agencies to help measure the effectiveness of influencer actions and get a great return on investment. It can also be used to set a benchmark to determine success or failure of your influencer marketing campaign.

How to Check Engagement Rate Of Any Influencer?

Use Persollo Post Analyzer tool. You can check all engagement data for any Instagram account and analyze it and compare it with other bloggers with the same size of following. Based on the output of Persollo unsupervised machine learning algorithms, each engagement rate is assigned into a Very Low, Low, Medium, High and Very High group.

To check any influencer engagement rate click here:

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