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The influencer space after COVID-19: Persollo predictions

The influencer marketing and advertising world as we knew has changed. So, what's next? With no extra words, here are some key predictions by Persollo team about the influencer space after COVID-19.

1. Influencers will post more spontaneous content.

More than ever before we’re seeing influencer’s everyday lives. And the trend for a less polished aesthetic content had become more popular. Bloggers began sharing honest "before and after" editing pictures, posting funny and real, but not beautiful and considered videos. Brands still need content. And we think that this new type of content we'll see to continue.

2. Brands will find value in CG influencers.

Virtual influencers hit the mainstream in 2020 and during these challenging times. Brands like Dior, Balenciaga, Samsung, KFC invest in creation and partnerships with the right virtual influencers to more successfully promote their product or service. After pandemic, we think this trend will propel further. Because while "real" influencers grapple with isolation restrictions, virtual influencers are experiencing no such hardship. In fact these CG influencers can go anywhere their creators send them and create content in different conditions.

3. Virtual events will stay popular.

During pandemic a lot of brands engaged with their audience and influencers through virtual events (using live-streaming, video conference and etc). For example, some sport brands hosted online workouts several times per day. Food brands filmed cooking videos from inside their staff’s homes. Some beauty brands have connected their founders and experts with influencers for virtual consultations.

We think that this trend will develop, because virtual events are more cheaper than an offline event and engagement is not less.

4. Brands will be more adaptable to change.

Customers still want to be informed and entertained, but their needs have probably shifted. During Coronavirus a lot of brands are asking themselves, how can they help their consumers, influencers, providers, etc and doing it. It makes consumer engagement possible at a much wider scale than ever before. So, we think brands will adhere to this direction. Because adaptive brands stay competitive and ensure relevance with consumers.

5. Diversification of influencers skills.

We’re already seeing the diversification of influencers skills (they have more time on their hands to create small-scale content). For example, beauty influencers are sharing their sport practise. Travel influencers, showing off their cooking skills etc. And now brands start to get the most out of partnerships with creators who offer a broader skillset.

Keep these trends in mind, stay well and stay tuned with Persollo!

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