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Win-win partnership with influencers: 5 most common questions from brands

Every smart brand knows just how successful influencer marketing can be in creating brand awareness, reaching the right audience, and ultimately increasing your bottom line. Indeed, opinion leaders bring a lot to the table when it comes to marketing.

Here are answers to the 5 most common questions from brands about first collaboration with influencers.

1. What should a brand know first about launching a marketing campaign with an influencer?

Before you reach out to influencers and launch your marketing campaigns, first you must package your campaign offerings and clearly define your goals. Would you like to grow your social media following? Would you like to increase your sales? Or would you like to get more testimonials so you can generate more trust? OR all of the above?

Simply asking influencers to plug your product to their followers will lead to unsatisfactory results and a poor return on investment. To save time and money, a lot of brands use our Influencer Discovery that allows search and discovery of influencers with the audiences you need using 12+ unique filters). Influencers are growing increasingly valuable to brands, so such tool like Influencer Discovery can help brand save time and forces.

2. How can brands package their offerings to influencers?

There are several ways brand can package offerings: as a barter, a contest, an affiliate program or a paid collaboration.

- Barter. The barter is when you gift your product or service in exchange for a review or a shout out. When bartering with creators, you must spin it so they understand the editorial value in working with your brand. By the way, our "Try My Product" Marketplace is designed to help brands find the right social media influencers to promote their brand in exchange of FREE product. Also here's an instruction for brands that want to build their relationship with influencer directly, structure and run their own campaigns.

- Contest. Contest is a good option for brands looking to increase their engagements. Contest must tie back to your brand and be creative and fun!

- Affiliate program. Affiliate is a commission based program in which you provide influencers a % based on sales they bring your way. You will collaborate with influencers and let them earn based on how many sales they bring your way. Here is a brief guide on how to start running affiliate campaigns on Persollo platform.

- Paid collaboration. Most creators want to get paid for reviewing and offering their opinion about a product/service. Notice, when doing paid collabs, it’s vital to spend extra time screening influencers and spotting fakes.

3. How does a brand understand whether it’s possible for a blogger to achieve the KPIs established?

You need to audit and analyze the blogger’s content and audience to ensure it matches with your brand’s customer profile. Reach out to bloggers who can give you the value you are looking for.

For it you can use our Post/Audience Analyzer. Over 40+ in-depth metrics allows you to analyse influencer Instagram accounts and specific post performance. Real-time audience demographics, audience quality score, brand safety check, image recognition, content uniqueness, sentiment analysis, audience of value calculator and oth.

4. Let's imagine a situation: an influencer posted a photo or video that doesn't meet the content/technical specifications/ not on time. What to do in such cases?

In fact, this is a very common situation. To prevent such situations, we advise you to write down in detail all the essential aspects of the marketing campaign in the brief/contract.

How to create a detailed, clear and concise campaign brief - read here.

5. How much are bloggers paid?

This might be the most commonly asked influencer marketing question, but there is no straightforward answer. Influencer rates can be based on many factors, and vary between individuals and campaigns. Sometimes bloggers have their own base price, which they wish to be paid (they mention it in their marketing kit), and others are happy to negotiate based on the ask for each campaign.

Remember that working with influencers is most effective if you do it regularly and..with Persollo :)

Looking for some extra help with your Influencer Marketing? Reach out to Persollo is passionate about helping brands with their influencer marketing and sales conversion.

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