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Product Update: New platform design + new order management system + lead generation!

We’ve been quite for a month for one huge reason! Days and nights our team has been working hard to deliver completely new product with a set of new features! We have a great surprise for you – completely new platform design, new store functionality, new order management system, new features to run campaigns with influencers and affiliates! And … opportunity to run several stores from one Persollo account!!!

Here is the list of WOWs that are waiting for you and a quick explanation of the magic you can do now with Persollo:

  • WOW 1: Login to your Persollo profile with Facebook, Google and Instagram.

  • WOW 2: New beautiful and simple navigation system!

  • WOW 3: Customise your Persollo store your way. Completely new design for your store and flexibility in customisation! Now you can add your website url, hide or keep public email address and other details.

  • WOW 4: Run several different stores at the same time from one Persollo account!

  • WOW5: Send your customers receipts and branded confirmation emails. Each customer now receives receipt attached to the purchase confirmation email.

  • WOW6: Manage all your orders in one place, setup tracking, update order status and much more. Check out your new order management system under the tab “Orders”.

  • WOW 7: Collect your customer data. Data is #1value in any business. We’ve created a separate “Customers” tab for you to collect and store your customers’ data, which you can easily export in one click.

  • WOW 8: Set your products private. Those products you set provide won’t be visible to anyone visiting your store, only when you share it with people for payment they will see it.

  • WOW 9: Share buttons. Share instant checkouts by clicking share button on Facebook, Twitter, copy URL for Instagram and copy the main store URL for sharing.

  • WOW 10: New design of instant checkout <3​

  • WOW11: Submit campaign brief to promote and sell your products with influencers. Create your unique campaign brief and submit it to our marketplace. Approve influencers and affiliates, run campaigns together and generate sales though instant checkout.

The most astonishing new WOW12 is the new Lead Generation Form. If you don’t want to transact, but to generate leads -> now you can!!!

We’re heading back to work on other important Persollo features, but leave us a note with any feedback or questions!

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