5 minutes of truth with influencer - Ayushi @sydneyfashionlife

Meet another beautiful persoller who's ready to share some secrets about being influential. Hero #2 – Ayushi @sydneyfashionlife.

Country: Australia

Followers: 60,6 k

Posts: ~783

Persollo: Describe yourself in 5 words

Ayushi: Dynamic , Fun, Productive, Restless and Foodie

P: How did you start your way in the world of social?

A: I love mixing and matching stuff. I once wore an Indian Blouse with my boyfriend jeans and went to Pitt street for some shopping. A girl complimented me for my look and creativity. That's when I thought, if I love this, I should share some of my creative looks and the journey began.

P: When did you wake up famous?

A: You wouldn't believe. I knew no one in Australia. After I started posting, I started receiving a lot of emails for collaboration. My first brand collaboration was my most special moment.

P: When did you have your 1st collaboration (paid or barter)? How many followers did you have back then?

A: My first collab was with Mujosh. I guess I just had 3K-4k followers that time . Honestly it was done just for fun and there was no exchange of product or money. I just wanted a kick start.

P: Your best and worst collaboration experiences and why (you don’t have to call the name of brand)

A: Best - Dyson, Bobbi Brown, L'oreal, Neutrogena, Priceline Pharmacy - sorry, I can keep going one :) These brands really value their influencers.

Worst won't name. I was approached to do a video for a brand. They said they would pay after I send them the video. I made the video and they cancelled the collab. That was so frustrating. I spent so much time on it. So 1 thing to learn here, get the payment before you start working for a brand :)

P: Who makes photos for you? How do you edit your pictures?

A: My husband is an amazing professional photographer. His pictures have been selected by National geo channel, and some famous Indian beauty and fashion magazine like Femina. Edits – Photoshop and Lightroom.

P: You think pictures or captions are more important?

A: Picture complimented by caption

P: How do you cope with negative comments or critique on your social accounts?

A: It's pissing. But it's ok. There are many people with different mindset. You gotta deal with it.

P: How to become an influencer — your personal recipe, given the hot new social trends.

A: Be creative. Your creativity should stand out because remember you gotta compete with millions of images out there.

#influencer #skincare

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