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Choosing Influencers for Your Marketing Campaigns: Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing with influencers is a great way to build and promote your branding and reach an authentic audience, on a more personal level. But choosing quality creators can be challenging task for marketers new to this.

There are 3 mistakes, that lots of brands make while choosing influencers and hiring them. Persollo team detected these mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Mistake #1. Choosing influencers by only looking at their audience quantity.

A lot of marketers still believe that the best thing they can do is to collaborate with the most popular influencers and celebrities. Let’s say, you decide hire influencer with 1M followers, whether or not they are a perfect collaboration for you. But it can turn out to be a big mistake because:

  • The Influencer can use growth methods (buy followers and likes, use bots to generate comments or work with pods);

  • The influencer could have a low engagement rate (ER);

  • The blogger could not be related to your brand niche with their audience not interested in your product or service.

How to avoid: Use our feature "Influencer Directory" 226,000+ influencers globally to choose influencers from your niche and with the ER as required by you. By adding the right filters (12+ unique filters), you can quickly shortlist influencers that what you need.

You can also easily invite an unlimited number of influencers to your campaigns.

Mistake #2. Finding creators with followers from irrelevant interests/geography and etc.

Your target market is the Australia but you have hired influencers with audience from Canada. Or hiring bloggers with an audience interested in art when your product or service is related to sport is wrong too. You need to consider and compare influencer and him audience with your brand’s target segment.

How to avoid: Persollo Al-powered Post/Audience Analyzer gives you the audience insights data and even more. With our tool you can also check influencer’s audience gender and, audience country and city, audience by hour and their top #hashtags. Knowing these metrics can be really helpful in evaluating how you can build win-win partnership with bloggers.

Mistake #3. Not testing the authenticity of influencers before working with them.

If you are looking to gain a return on investment from working with an influencer, it’s important to check that influencer has authentically engaged real people in their audience.

If you are not checking an influencer’s authenticity, you could hiring a fake creator.

How to avoid: Post/Audience Analyzer gives you insight into the authenticity of the blogger followers or on the audience of any influencer you wanna choose.

Keep these possible mistakes in mind when considering hiring influencers to boost your business and achieve the best results! Use Persollo tools to partner with credible and authentic influencers.

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