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Hyland Agency Chooses Persollo for Influencer Audit

HYLAND Agency from Australia chooses Persollo AI powered Post/Audience Analyzer for influencer pre-campaign audit.

HYLAND numerous achievements have made it one of the most successful independent agencies in Australia. A few noteworthy facts are that it is a full-service communications agency, that provides end-to-end solutions and expertise to create growth for businesses through marketing communication (including influencer marketing). They are one of the most influential leaders in the Australian media industry with over 14+ years of experience, stemming from media, strategy, brand marketing, creative, social and content. HYLAND business boasts big name clients in varying categories, including KitchenAid, Sydney Airport, Tiffany&Co, Gucci, Etihad, ecommerce and other world-known brands.

We had a quick chat with Maryam Esfahani, the Senior Communications Manager at HYLAND Agency. Maryam has cemented herself as one of the most innovative practitioners in the influencer marketing space, especially when it comes to performance. She told us how HYLAND measures and delivers tangible results to their clients with Persollo Analytics.

How does influencer marketing look at Hyland?

​At HYLAND we’re proud of the results marketers have achieved by elevating campaigns that partner with Influencers, creating content as well as looking at how we can take it further by integrating talent into our wider media approach for our brands. Transparency is a fundamental deliverable with our clients when it comes to working with effective influencers and their audience. Done well the results that can be achieved are on par with the results from other mass content channels such as TV and Search, even when it comes to hard to reach demographics. This is due to HYLAND developing our leading proprietary planning tool AoV (Audience of Value) which gives us visibility on true audience metrics that are of value, for example Australian Active & Lurking audience. This reinforces the audience numbers and the role Influencers would play in campaigns. We can elevate the value influencers can bring and the insights - putting rigour and metrics at the heart of decision making. AoV calculator is now available through Persollo and assists in doing the job.

What problems were you facing prior to using Persollo Analytics?

Transparency in numbers and insights is the most valuable information when planning a campaign. Not having access to Influencer insights restricts our role of providing audience numbers when planning our campaigns and exploring possible talent to best propose. A lack of a streamlined approach meant it would cause delays, prior to this the steps to access this information was to reach out to talent & managers to share stats.

What makes the Post/Audience Analyzer the right solution for HYLAND team?

Persollo enables us to swiftly access any influencer profiles we wish to explore. This allows us to have further visibility on their insights when making talent decisions. Having this information means that our recommendations to clients complements our values of transparency and insight around highlighting the most effective influencer audiences. The investment made with Persollo means we can continue to keep up to date real-time insights making the investment invaluable. Persollo team is also very attentive to any feedback to ensure the platform best delivers to what we need. And of course the availability of HYLAND Audience of Value (AoV) calculator means we are merging our insight in collaboration with Persollo insight, making it the right tool for HYLAND.

If you also want to try Persollo Analytics for influencer audit and post-campaign reporting, we are always here happy to help! Reach out to for demo!

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