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Case study: Persollo x Happys Brand

An instant checkout campaign with influencers on $39 budget!

Have you ever wondered how to create happiness through the social networks? At Persollo we are executing every aspect of social media and make every marketing effort ROI-driven. This month our platform joined one freshly-founded socially responsible brand HAPPYS. Their case study is a good example how Persollo platform works for a freshly-launched small brand without a base of “hot” customers and no budget.

Representing not a “business for sales” but a “business for people”, guys from HAPPYS wished to launch campaign with influencers to put the accent not on sales but on letting people all over the world know about themselves and their wonderful goals connected with women’s unemployment rate in developing countries. Their decision was to mix Persollo’s different technologies – instant checkout, leads generation and ‘Try my product’ marketplace – and boost the effect from influencer marketing.

The main channel of communication with their target market was Instagram, including the popular option of Insta-stories, but personal blogs and Facebook pages weren’t neglected as well.

Choosing influencers via "Try My Product" Marketplace

First practical step was to look for and source suitable influencers to represent the project. The brand registered with Persollo Expert Plan ($39/month) and put a barter suggestion with motivation of 15% per sale to ‘Try my product’ marketplace. It gave a good push for the campaign start because just after a couple of weeks a decent amount of requests to collaborate was received. HAPPYS chose 10 micro-influencers from 6 countries ready to become brand ambassadors and bring the news about the brand’s mission into the social media world. We are amazed to watch Persollo marketplace connecting the right influencers with the specific campaign and brand! Seeing how kind intentions find a sincere response in hearts of the others without paying crazy money for it!

Starting instant sales

Secondly, the Happys guys jumped into their Persollo profile and created instant checkout links for the products campaigned. The brand also setup the 15% reward to go to influencers per each sale they generate. After that they sent the instant checkout links to all 10 influencers to be included in their promotional social media posts and added as swipe ups to Instagram stories. Happys guys also created 1 separate lead generation link with promocode and also sent it to some of the influencers on the campaign.

It helped HAPPYS to drive actual sales and lead conversion from their campaign with influencers and go beyond just simple likes, comments and re-usable content. Through Persollo tech platform HAPPYS tracked the demand and interest of the existing and potential customers, generated leads to build their Newsletter list and converted those impulsive likers into buyers in 1 click with Persollo instant checkouts. Simplicity and efficiency – that’s what the brand needed and received.

What are the general results HAPPYS brand received by the end of 2 weeks campaign on Instagram and Facebook?

  • 350,000 people were reached worldwide and got to know HAPPYS homewear boots,

  • 6 countries were covered (US, Canada, Norway, Spain, New Zealand, Australia),

  • 10 influencers were sourced through "Try My Product" Marketplace.

  • Continuous relationship was built - 10 inspired micro and midi influencers ready to continue collaboration and partner further on,

  • 17 posts and video stories with real opinions created (further to be re-used in marketing activities),

  • $39 spent on the whole campaign (Persollo Expert Plan),

  • Increase in followers on HAPPYS social accounts,

  • Base of leads for Newsletter, retargeting and further marketing activities.

Doesn’t it sound worth all the time and effort? We are very excited to make our tech and influencer marketing available for small and emerging brands!

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