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STUDY: Only 28% of bloggers' audience is of value to brands!

Only 28% of bloggers' audience is valuable, according to new research by Persollo.

Persollo team that specialises in AI-powered social media analytics have analysed 45 Australian beauty bloggers and is calling on a re-evaluation of choosing influencers for marketing campaigns (whether that’s through sponsorships, partnerships or gifting). The research composes of bloggers with audiences ranging from 5k to 20k, with a total audience of about 800k followers across 45 different Instagram accounts. These influencers took part in 3 influencer campaigns with top Australian beauty & skincare brands.

Persollo co-founder Dr Oleinikova says “the new “audience of value” metric developed in partnership with Hyland Agency helps brands to maximize the outcome with minimum investment”.

So what is “audience of value” metric and how is it calculated?

The “audience of value” metric stands for qualifiable data that comprises % of real people - active & quality followers, excluding bots, inactive and fake accounts or bought followers. In short, this is the influencer's quality audience that is of value to the brand.

There are advanced tools like Persollo Audience of Value (AoV) Calculator that shows you the quality followers of an influencer (male, female) that can take meaningful action from seeing influencer posts / sponsored content, verified using unique Persollo machine learning algorithms.

Let’s say you plan to launch a new beauty product in Australia and decided to find bloggers to work with. You don’t know how many real followers (quality audience) these influencers actually have and how engaged are they. So, there is a danger of choosing wrong bloggers and wasting your marketing budgets.

With Persollo AoV Calculator you can check influencer's quality audience across countries, let's say you are interested in the quality audience in Australia (where you plan to launch your beauty product), AoV Calculator will show you this important data within less than a minute. Or if you want to launch your beauty product only among quality female audiences you can check the real audience of any influencer by gender. Also check CPM (cost per thousand impressions of a quality (female, male) audience on influencer post). If influencer posts are paid, you need only add cost per post for the analyzed influencer to check the CPM for their AoV. AoV Calculator ensures the costs are evaluated against who is valuable.

To try Persollo Audience of Value (AoV) Calculator go here:

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