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TOP-9 Brands on Persollo Platform in March

Each month we announce top 9 brands using Persollo instant checkout to sell in 1 click on social media & via influencers. Here's our March top 9!

Persollo platform is mostly popular with beauty and skincare brands as well as fashion brands, but the newest thing about March top-9 is that several awesome stationery brands started using our instant checkout & lead generation platform.

Clare Bernadette it's all about style and minimalism. These brand has a strong sense of taste. It's popular among whimsical and creative stationery-lovers who pay attention to all the details. But even if you're not a fan of minimalism we're sure you love their letterpress notebooks, postcards and art prints.

Australian UGG Original is one of our old and the most successful clients. Classy, comfy and stylish sheepskin boots never let you down in cold or chilly wheather wherever you wanna go. Go look at their social networks to grab an amazing seasonal deal!

Sassy Organics is a true skincare heaven! All the cosmetics in this Persollo boutique is truly vegan and organic. "No more harm to the Earth!", - if you agree with this motto, check out their profile and maybe treat yourself with a couple of their health-conscious products.

Good On You is an outstanding mobile app which helps mindful lovers of fashion to chose not only nice clothes but conditions where was it made. Struggle humiliation, gender inequality, working overtime or choose the other ethical criteria to sort out the brand you really want to support with your purchase! Good On You has in-app ratings of different clothes brands you can analyse before giving your money for the thing.

Nip + Fab is a cutting edge beauty brand with 100% attention to the highest quality ingredients. They have really wide range of skincare products for different ages and genders. By the way, stylish packaging would draw the attention of every one!

Wooden City is a brand producing in some sense exercise tools for your and your children's brain. Their 3-Dimensional wooden mechanical models and puzzles are definitely put any weekend to another level. Whether it's an old-style mill or super realistic Jeep these models are gonna not only keep you pleasantly busy and satisfied but turn into a stylish element of decor for your dwelling.

McDiarmids is a family footwear business where "the right to rule" is being inherited till nowadays. Business exists since 1880s in New Zealand and it is still under the management of the first owner's heir in 4th generation. Of course, the model row was changed to keep pace with the times but the quality standards are still strict as they used to be.

Nikkie Burns International is a skin and haircare brand developed by the Australia's popular mum, entrepreneur and transformational success coach Nikkie Burns. Beins so proactive and experienced in different fields she created her own product line to help the other women feel freedom and, as she says, "stand out, be badass and live your dreams fearlessly".

One Honey is an online boutique of women's clothes and accessories. They have a wide range of styles which satisfy every woman starting from the goddess of elegance and finishing with sporty butterfly. On Persollo they're represented with nice and diverse female sportswear, underwear, boots and even dresses - you've a 100% not leave their boutique's page without a new gift for your lovely self.

Hope you enjoyed our March Top-9 and see you soon in April's highlights!

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