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Case Study: Clare Bernadette x Persollo

Today we will share how Australian stationery & lifestyle label Clare Bernadette led their influencer marketing campaign and how their instant checkouts, marketplace, "Shop Now" buttons and affiliate setup brought the brand 5,2% conversion rate.

Clare Bernadette is one of Persollo recently launched brands which has a unique stationery and lifestyle products (check it out on "Try My Product" Marketplace). When Clare Bernadette set up her instant checkout shop and launched her first campaign on our Try My Product Marketplace, we had no doubts that such a flawless and ambitious stationery will be popular and successful!

Try My Product Marketplace

To make this amazing business breath full chest we suggested to implement all the possible technologies available on Persollo platform. Firstly, the brand created it's campaign on "Try My Product" marketplace with a curious proposal of having FREE letterpress stationery set of 5 different pieces in exchange of quality content and promotion among subscribers. Brand received 8+ requests for partnership and went ahead with some of them. Below is the content that was born out of the partnerships.

Instant Checkout with 20% Discount Deal

Together with their posts on Instagram influencers suggested their followers to purchase the pictured set with exclusive 20% discount through Persollo instant checkout link, placed in the influencers' Instagram bios and as swipe ups from Instagram stories.

Affiliate Setup: % Commission Reward to Influencers

As an additional motivation to influencers Clare Bernadette chose to reward them with 5% commission per each sale through their individual instant checkout links. Persollo setup tracking and analytics for the each influencer to capture their performance and conversion rates.

Embeddable "Buy Now" Button on Website

Moreover, not only social media campaign was launched, but eye-catchy "Shop Now" buttons were installed on the brand's Wordpress website! Just browsing the site and looking through the blog, usual web stranger was converted into a customer in just 1 step (with instant checkouts) as opposite to the long multi-step shopping cart checkout scenario.


- 5,2% conversion through the influencers

- 5% commission reward to influencers

- Heaps of beautiful content

- Beautiful product reviews + Likes & comments

All the doubts you've ever had must have ran away! Click here to see our pricing for subscription.

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