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TOP-9 Brands on Persollo platform in June

Each month we feature our top of the range partners among brands and let you know them closer and better. Have a look what June brings us because it's really worth!

This season started with sports and cooking brands discovering Persollo as well as books and new cosmetics.

New Zealand brand Dept. of Soul has started it's campaign on Persollo at the start of this month and already draw plenty of influencers' attention with it's natural deodorants which don't stop your body from doing what it's naturally suppose to do and nourish your body, mind and soul at a time.

American brand Cooking Goods suggests it's audience high quality measuring cups for a try – claim them US based influencers are able through "Try My Product" Marketplace. "The spoons fit into all the narrow spice jars which regular measuring spoons cannot do", – promises brand.

Sassy Organics is a well-known health-conscious online store on

Persollo, who keeps it's top position. The shop's product, Eco Tan, has great interest among influecers all over Australia.

Clare Bernadette stationery is also familiar to you young brand who's campaigns on our platform are always popular and rich on amazing content! Every flatlay-lover falls in love with those letterpress giftcards!

Meet another new partner – Rick Brown and his super useful book "Kiss My Baggage Fees! How to be a Savvy Travel Hacker". The book is an actual guide where the author shares some secrets about the holiday budgeting and saving tricks useful for every person crossing the border of his country even once.

And get aquainted with another new partner – Strong Man Supps. The brand was founded to support strength athletes on their journey to be the best athletes they can be by providing high quality, clinically dosed, science backed and time tested natural supplements. Go have a look at their wonderful energy drinks!

One more health-oriented brand launched Persollo – Malka Mineral Water. Be sure, this water will enrich your body with calcium, magnesium and a well-balanced pH and become a great companion at the gym or office.

Jane Ju Jewellery keeps surprising it's fans by authentic shapes and materials. Truly, it's really hard not to love these accessories! Pay attention how elegant and exclusive the brand's new chained collection and don't forget to choose a ring you've always been dreaming about!

Wooden City puzzles are great present for anyone. Spent a great time assembling their transport models or others no matter how old you are!

Check out Persollo Marketplace here.

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