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TOP-10 Influencers on Persollo Platform in August

Last months Persollo platform was booming with new signs ups from passionate influencers wanting to try and review new brand products! We are very excited to share our fresh TOP-10 of gorgeous and inspirational influencers in August!

"I would describe my experience as super simple, incredibly user friendly and an overall enjoyable straight forward experience. Loved the brands I worked with and would definitely use the platform again", - smiles wonderful Isabella, recent member of Persollo community and Miss Asia Pacific International Australia 2018.

"Absolutely loved working with Persollo for Dept. of Soul brand of natural organic deodorants. The communication was fast and the products arrived at my doorstep in no time. They gave me the freedom to create content in my own way. I was provided the affiliate link and very clear instructions on how to set it up. It was my first time and I found it so easy! I’m definitely pumped to work on more brands with them. Very professional service for both clients and influencers", - shared Nishu.

"With thanks to Persollo, I've discovered new brands that I love. Persollo have been quick to reply to questions and have been very flexible and easy to work with!", - stresses Zana, beautiful mom and foodlover.

"After joining the Persollo team as an influencer it quickly became one of my favourite platforms. The process of finding different brands who align with you and your audience couldn’t be more simple. I can’t wait to collaborate with more brands on their exciting campaigns!", – wrote Alex.

"I love Persollo. It’s so easy to use! I applied for a campaign and was approved very quickly. Then I was sent the product to review and post about within a week!

Will definitely be using the app to apply for more campaigns that interest me because it was so quick and easy! Highly recommend to any Influencers!", - shares Liz, inspiring mumma from Central Coast.

"I’ve had a great experience working with Persollo. It’s a fun, modern instant checkout & influencer marketing platform that has connected me to brands that I love. Communication with brands is easy and I’ve made great relationships with them through Persollo", - says Brylie.

"As an influencer I love to collaborate with brands & create beauty content I can share with my followers and share my genuine experience on Instagram. Ive been lucky enough to have been part of some great campaigns. Persollo have been amazing", - told Tina.

"I have found collaborating with different businesses to be amazing. I not only get to discover new business and products which are amazing but I get to share it with my followers so that they can too see these amazing products. The businesses i have collaborated with have been amazing to work with and the feedback you get is very helpful", - told Molly.

"Thank you Persollo for helping me collaborate with some amazing businesses. I have not only found but formed a friendship with many through this platform. Persollo is a lovely agency to work with.", - writes Paula in her microblog.

And our recent partner Ayushi, Mrs India Australia Finalist, Miss Queen of India Finalist, product reviewer, who's enjoying our platform for near 2 months now.

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