What Is Brand Safety And How To Measure It With Persollo?

Brand safety should be at the core of every influencer marketing campaign.

Read this article to discover how to keep your brand away from unpleasant content and measure brand safety with our Social Media Post Analyzer.

What is Brand Safety?

Brand safety refers to keeping your reputation safe from inappropriate or highly irrelevant content.

What is Image Brand Safety Index?

Persollo's Image Brand Safety Index quantifies how safe is the image created by influencer. That is, it measures the likeliness of the image being associated with adult, violent, racy, medical and spoof content.

How to measure Brand Safety with Persollo?

Measure brand safety, check Image Brand Safety Index for each influencer and safeguard your brand by avoiding association with harmful or questionable content produced by influencers with our Social Media Post Analyzer.

Our unsupervised machine learning algorithms scan influencers' content - the images, caption text, post comments - for anything that may put your brand in a negative light. In just one click, you get a complete brand safety report on any influencer post. Example report here.

We report adult, violent, racy, medical and spoof content.

Each brand safety metric is assigned into Very Likely, Likely, Possible, Unlikely, Very Unlikely values.

For example:


If values are in the red zone (Very Likely or Likely), it means that image might contain adult content elements such as nudity, pornographic image or sexual activities.


If values are in the red zone (Very Likely or Likely), it means that modification was made to the image's canonical version to make it appear funny or offensive.


If values are in the red zone (Very Likely or Likely), there is a likelihood that this a medical image.


If values are in the red zone (Very Likely or Likely), it means that image might contain violent content.


If values are in the red zone (Very Likely or Likely), there is a likelihood that image contains racy content. It can be (but is not limited to) skimpy or sheer clothing, strategically covered nudity, or provocative poses, or close-ups of sensitive body areas.

With Persollo you can also check if the image produced by influencer is not unique and has been reused by influencer across the web.

You can monitor and analyze the sentiment (of post caption and of comments) and emotions of your audience to detect negative reactions of audience on the influencer content.

Some Further Useful Tips

Here are some further simple tips on how to avoid brand safety issues:

  • Have a detailed content plan. This plan should clearly outline content strategy (how the content will look like, when it will be promoted, how it will be shared, etc.) as well as goals and KPIs. For instance, you can use Mood Board Generator on Persollo to check if the created content fulfilled your visual requirements and follows the creative direction you gave to influencer.

  • Analyse Influencers and choose thoughtfully. Look at their engagement to follower ratio, audience quality from their followers, examine their posts and captions and сheck different demographic and psycographic data). Persollo gives you the audience insights data and even more.

How To Run Your Report👇🏻

Step 1: Copy Instagram link to the post you want to analyze

Step 2: Paste the link into “Post Analyzer” here and click “Discover Insights”

Step 3: Enjoy the brand safety data!

Persollo Al-powered Post Analyzer is your great ally in the quest to protect your brand!

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