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Product Update: Track Brand Mentions on Any Instagram Account

We are happy to introduce you to the new feature in Persollo report - Brand Mentions.

Now you can check any Instagram account for the different brands that were mentioned in its posts; you can see how many times the brand was mentioned and also the engagement rate of the post that mentioned the brand.

Brand Mentions section of Persollo Report helps to understand which brands the influencer worked with and if you would like to partner with an influencer who worked with the identified brands in the past. This report section is also very useful for checking if the influencer works or has worked with your competitors.

Brand Mentions section is located in the 2nd tab of the report, called "Profile Insights".

Click "Show All" to expand and see all the brand mentions.

Check the number of times the brand was mentioned and also check the engagement rate the post got.

To check Brand Mentions for any Instagram account jump here and let us know if you have questions or need help

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