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5 Minutes of Truth with Steph Nguyen

Meet one of the top foodies from Melbourne and gorgeous girl – Steph @stephhhnguyen💚She knows how to find the best food & drinks in the city and shares how to be a successful influencer today.

Country: Australia

Followers: 13,3k +

Posts: 195+

Engagement Rate: 8, 16% (Very High)

Audience Quality Score: 91 (Excellent)

Image Brand Safety Index: 95% (Safe)

Persollo: Describe yourself in 5 words​

Steph: Friendly, happy, bubbly, outgoing, creative.

P: Tell us shortly how did you start your way in the world of social?

S: I have started off by posting food pictures.

P: When did you realize that you have your tribe (kinda woke up famous)?

S: I guess it was when I worked with many businesses and met new people.

P: When did you have your 1st collaboration (paid or barter)? How many followers did you have back then?

S: I think approximately 4000 followers about 2 years ago.

P: Your best and worst collaboration experiences and why (you don’t have to call the name of brand)

S: There is many great cafes out there for instance @passage_thru_malaysia where the food is amazing and the owner's are so friendly! Whereas the owner @bentwoodfitzroy was so disrespectful and not friendly.

P: Who makes photos for you? How do you edit your pictures?

S: My friends, family and boyfriend takes photos for me. I edit them myself.

P: You think pictures or captions are more important?

S: I personally think pictures are more important.

P: How do you cope with negative comments or critique on your social accounts?

S: Just live life how you want it to be, ignore the negative thoughts.

P: How to become an influencer — your personal recipe, given the hot new social trends.

S: Be friendly, meet new people, it's about building the connection and socially be interactive on Instagram.

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