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Why You Need To Check Audience Quality Score (AQS)

High demand for influencers prompts bloggers to buy fake followers, likes and comments to enhance their advertising revenue from brands. It is a constant challenge for brands to pick the right influencers to run successful campaigns.

For instance, you want to launch a new product and decided to find some bloggers to work with. Let's say 2 bloggers Jane and Kate seemed to be really suitable for your campaign, having quite similar numbers: Jane with 20,8k followers and an engagement rate of 5,42% and Kate with 22,7k followers and an engagement rate of 5,38%. But you do not have data on the quality of their audience. And this is the main! The vital to success of your marketing campaign is to gain reach and engagement among the real audience, which would lead to raised interest to your product and sales.

Check Audience Quality Score to know that influencer which you want to choose has grown their audiences organically. In that case, your campaign will reach the target audience and you will be happy with the results.

How To Check Audience Quality Score with Persollo

At Persollo, we leverage our AI-Powered tool Audience/Post Analyzer, which thoroughly analyzes any influencer Instagram profile. This feature provides you with an accurate Audience Quality Score (1 to 100 metric), that includes 3 key metrics (audience quality, engagement rate and its authenticity).

Such a feature like Audience/Post Analyzer helps brands, agencies and advertisers pick a good influencer and run effective and transparent marketing campaigns.

Also Persollo Audience/Post Analyzer will help you to: сheck the Audience of Value (AoV) for each influencer & authentic Engagement Rate (ER), see how your ER changed over time and сompare ER with influencers with similar follower numbers, identify Brand Safety Index, analyze the demographic, psychographic characteristics of their audience and much more.

To check Audience Quality Score (AQS) and other metrics of any influencer jump here and let us know if you have questions or need help

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