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Persollo Webinar 1: Influence for Good and Social Purpose in Crisis Times of COVID-19

In April 2020 we held a webinar in partnership with the top players in influencer marketing space - Talenthouse, Takumi, Influencer, Execution House, Moment Company and Scott Guthrie.

Discussed: how are brands and agencies navigating in this new world order under COVID-19; what is the future of influencer work; how brands can retain a voice in the market by employing a marketing strategy with social purpose and rightly said we need to create a better lexicon.

Watch the webinar below:


Maria Cadbury, Managing Director - Persollo UK

Jane Loring, COO and Ben Jeffries, Founder - Influencer

Maya Bogle, Co-Founder - Talenthouse

Kate Oliver, Founder - Executive House

Scott Guthrie, Independent Influencer Marketing Consultant

Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO - Takumi

Fiona Mckinnon, Digital Advisor - Ourmala

Below are just some of the HIGHLIGHTS:

Scott's acid test for purpose - as a nation we're tuning to our favourite content creator / influencers who adds value to our lives. We're seeing community at the heart of action from big brands, influencers and how we interact with them. This is an opportunity for brands to retain their voice by aligning their values to the values of influencers. You can't fatten a pig on market day is a clear message to brands. 

Maya's taking us through how her 1m content creators keep their lights on. The profound work they're doing with the World Health Organization that is both heart wrenching and heart warming and a role for everyone to help the WHO and how their content creators are producing beautiful work to lift us at this critical time. 

Ben & Jane took us through the meaningful relationships brands are creating with their influencers. Again the role and importance of community comes up here again. The insights into spend and moving from thinking about category to messaging. 

Kate told an honest narrative on talent and influencers and really how at a time like Covid-19, there's a real levelling between the celebrities, influencers and you and we. 

Mary reminded us that it's an opportunity for everyone to be creative at this time at home, in isolation. Influencers are very well placed for creativity and as such, a huge opportunity for brands to work with influencers. What's more, branded content production is on hold as we can't go out to work, yet influencers are set up to create at home! When creating, Be Bold, as Mary said.

Fiona really struck a chord with us when she said mental health isn't just about depression. Think of it as being healthy. We eat great food, not necessarily to diet, but to be healthy. We work out, not necessarily because we need to lose weight, but to be fit and strong. Take moments and support your mental health. Which really is necessary as we ride the emotional Covid-19 rollercoaster. 

If this conversation sparks any questions around your influencer marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

And stay tuned with Persollo!

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